Happenings in the osPID camp.

Aaaaand we’re back

I'm happy to announce that the osPID is now officially back in stock at Rocket Scream. There have been some improvements to the hardware (usb micro instead of mini, louder buzzer, etc,) but mostly this was about getting a more reliable supply chain in place. Thanks to everyone for being so patient during this dry [...]

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Wiki is Up

We now have our very own documentation wiki! It is still needs a lot of work, but the basic structure is there. Over time we hope this grows into a powerful resource for the osPID user-base. Anyone is free to create an account and edit, so feel free to add content. Be advised however, that [...]

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The Long-Awaited Firmware Update

I've just uploaded both firmware and front-end updates to github. There have been numerous tweaks and improvements, be here are the high points: Setpoint-Profile Support Rather than hard-coding a reflow profile, we went with a more flexible approach. Using 3 different commands (setpoint STEP, setpoint RAMP, input WAIT) you can piece together a sequence that [...]

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Quick-Start Guide

With the first osPIDs making their way to customers, we've started receiving our first feedback emails. The most obvious point made so far is that we were lacking a quick-start guide. I've since created a preliminary page for this here. This is a work in progress, but should give you everything you need to get [...]

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