The osPID Kit is back in stock and ready to ship.

We have made several changes to the kit in this second batch:

  • The MAX6675ISA+ thermocouple interface chip has been replaced with the MAX31855KASA+:
    • We finally managed to get our hands on the new MAX31855KASA+. Maxim has been well-known for it’s long lead times and we hope this chip is here to stay. Supplies were very intermittent at the start.
    • If you have plans to use another type of thermocouple (J, N, T, S, R, or E), it is possible (with a soldering iron) to swap our K-type chip with the appropriate Maxim part.
  • USB-Serial interface chip FT232RL was replaced with the new FT231XS.
  • The low in stock buck regulator LT3971 was replaced with MCP16301:
    • We were having stock issues with the LT3971, as they either come in a tube or a large 2500 piece reel (which we can’t afford). Most assemblers are unable to use the tube format, since they don’t have the necessary machine to handle them.
  • We reverse-mounted the LED on the Digital Output card to simplify the assembly process
    • The earlier version of the Digital Output card uses an ordinary 0603 SMD LED. But, using this LED in automated assembly would mean doubling the reflow process and an additional cost on each stencil. We experimented with the reverse mount LED and made the necessary adjustments to ensure that excessive component drops don’t occur during the pick and place process. Although the reverse-mount LED is more expensive, we think it is worth it in the long run as it will save a lot of manufacturing time.
  • Better laser cut casing:
    • We managed to find a local manufacturer that is capable of making deeper grooves in the casing. This provides better support to the IO cards, resulting in a sturdier unit.
    • Based on a customer suggestion, the voltage input range is now engraved above the power jack.
    • Getting the casing made locally saves cost on shipping and potential custom tax and duties.


This is the first time we have ever sent our boards out for assembly. The osPID Main Board & Digital Output card were assembled by the factory and the Temperature Input card were assembled on our own (tube packaging issues again).

Note: SOME osPID Kits from this 2nd batch are ready for shipping, while the rest are still waiting for the input card terminal block (we hope it’s a week delay, at most).