We have just picked up our batch of assembled osPID Kit boards from the factory. They all come in panels and it feels so much relaxed to have handed the assembly task to the factory. We are currently checking and testing all the boards.

osPID Digital Output PanelWe are very near to shipping out all back orders but we had a small glitch on the laser cut casing. We got all mixed up on our casing design files and sent the wrong revision to the manufacturer. It was either too small or too big! But, our manufacturer is moving as fast as they can to finish them within 1-2 days. We like the service of our new laser cut manufacturer very much! They insist that all laser cut casing will be randomly test fit with the osPID Kit electronics by them for every batch of 50 sets being cut to provide a more precise and accurate outcome. We’ll talk more about them shortly after all back orders are out in the mail.

We made some small improvements on the casing: a voltage input range marking and also deeper grooves for the IO cards to slot in perfectly.

osPID Casing Sizes

osPID Casing Deeper Groove

We want to thank everyone that has been waiting patiently, especially those who have already backordered their units. We’ll drop a shipment notification mail once we ship them out.