Quick-Start Guide

With the first osPIDs making their way to customers, we've started receiving our first feedback emails. The most obvious point made so far is that we were lacking a quick-start guide. I've since created a preliminary page for this here. This is a work in progress, but should give you everything you need to get [...]

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Pre-Orders Have been shipped

To Everyone who pre-ordered: Thank you, your unit is in the mail. There are a few extra units that are being assembled as I write this. we'll announce on twitter when orders are open. We're also working on our 2nd (larger) batch. hopefully this will remove availability as an issue.

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Production Update

Things are finally rolling at osPID HQ. All of our parts are either on site or in transit, and production will being as soon as everything arrives. That's the good news. The less-good news is that we've had to push back our planned ship date. Originally we were planning on shipping this week. Unfortunately we've [...]

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A Note About Cost

Wow. What an amazing first week-or-so. Hackaday, Adafruit, BoingBoing, and Make. It's almost too much to ask! Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback. In the midst of this there is one recurring concern that I wanted to address. Many people seem to be comparing this thing to the $30 PID controllers you can get [...]

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Initial Release is Finally Here!

The website is still a little rough around the edges, but the product is ready for initial release, so here goes!  Let me introduce you to the osPID.   We've been working hard over the last several months to build a fully-featured, open source PID controller that's every bit as capable as its closed brethren. [...]

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