Things are finally rolling at osPID HQ. All of our parts are either on site or in transit, and production will being as soon as everything arrives.

That’s the good news. The less-good news is that we’ve had to push back our planned ship date. Originally we were planning on shipping this week. Unfortunately we’ve had to push that back to the week of 2/19.

The Story

With every delay it’s good to have a scapegoat, and we’ve got one! Maxim Electronics. On the prototype temperature card, we used their MAX6675 thermocouple chip. For the production model, we decided to use their newer (and less expensive) MAX31855 chip.

When we went to order the MAX31855 however, instead of the initially advertised January delivery date, the date had been revised to July. JULY! We checked various suppliers, but this seems to be an issue with Maxim itself.

So, faced with a choice between a 6 month delay and a more expensive chip, we decided to eat the cost and revert the board back to the MAX6675 configuration we had used in the prototype.

During this whole debacle we lost our place in line with the PCB manufacturer and had to re-submit our order. Unfortunately this put us on the other side of Chinese New Year.

And that brings us to today. We want to apologize for both the delay and the chip swap. If you had your heart set on the MAX31855, know that from a financial perspective so did we. We have a board designed and ready for that chip. Once supplies of the are more reliable we will transition to it.