We’ve been working hard over the last month or so getting our old website sorted out. Out of date software running on the site, an enormous amount of spam on the forum, and software update mishaps lead us to completely redo everything.  The new website runs completely on WordPress, removing the wiki software (Mediawiki) and the forum software (phpbb). Now, both the forum and wiki are served through WordPress using bbPress and custom posts respectively. We did our best to migrate all content over from the old platforms.  The wiki content came over perfectly, and we were even able to add some updates.  The forum was also ported (posts/topics/accounts)  but we were unable to bring over account passwords.  As a result you will need to do a password reset before using the new forum. We’re sorry about the inconvenience.

We hope that this  new website will help us better serve the osPID community. Please let us know if there are any broken links or other issues with the website.

Take care!