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osPID is made with 100% open source hardware spirit. We love to see how other people will modify and make changes to suit their application. All information (hardware design files, libraries, firmware, software, and enclosure design files) on the osPID are made available for makers to use ! We would like to stress that extra precautions and safety measures must be taken while using the osPID, especially when dealing with high voltages! Feel free to take a look at the information on osPID.


On-board UI

The osPID contains a basic menu structure which allows for standard operation without the need for a computer connection. The menu makes use of 3 different types. Let's take a look at what [...]



Included in the osPID kit is a laser cut casing designed to fit perfectly the electronics components. We went through numerous iterations and changes before settling down on the final version. We [...]



The firmware residing on the osPID consists of several components tied together. Arduino bootloader: We are using Arduino Duemilanove's bootloader on the osPID main board. Libraries: PID library PID Auto Tune library LCD library Analog [...]



The osPID hardware has the same form factor as industrial PID controller. Unlike an industrial controller however, we wanted to provide flexible hardware that allows people to modify, change and hack to suit their applications. [...]