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    Hi Brett,

    First of all: congrats and thank you for the excellent PID library.

    I received my osPID about a week ago and have set it up to control the temperature of the crucible in an evaporator.
    The osPID controls an SSR, which switches the power to the crucible on and off.

    So far this has been working fine but today the output of the osPID failed whilst I was tuning it.

    Essentially the output on the osPID dashboard shows “ERROR” no matter what the settings are. On the Frontend it just stays at zero.

    The thermocouple shows a stable reading. I have tried reuploading the firmware, changed the jumper from digital output to relay and back, but none of the outputs show any kind of activity.

    Can you help?

    Edit: The problem fixed itself. I don’t quite know how since I had reset the osPID and reuploaded the firmware, but after using the “Reset to Factory Defaults” button the output has come back to life.

    All the best,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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